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Matthew Fagan

Research Associate

Matthew Fagan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Systems at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He received a Ph.D. from Columbia University with a dissertation on changes in forest connectivity in northern Costa Rica. He is interested in applying remote sensing and GIS techniques to solve problems in conservation and ecology. As both a conservation geographer and ecologist, I use field work and the analysis of satellite and aerial imagery (remote sensing) to understand how forests are changing over time. My lab’s research lies at the intersection of remote sensing, conservation policy, and ecology, with specific focal areas in monitoring agricultural expansion and forest recovery, assessing the effectiveness of conservation policies, and using remote sensing to assess landscape-scale habitat degradation. We try to understand changing landscapes from several different perspectives: ecological, geographical, and socioeconomic. I am particularly interested in processes and policies that promote reforestation, connectivity, and habitat restoration at the landscape scale.