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Hawthorne Beyer

Director and CSO

Hawthorne is a quantitative ecologist working on conservation and environmental management problems. His research is at the interface between people and the environment, more specifically on how biological systems are impacted by humans and the implications of this for management of both environmental and social systems. His applied research promotes evidence-based management using quantitative modelling and operations research methods to develop decision support systems for better managing environmental systems.
With a PhD from the University of Glasgow (2010), Hawthorne is now a research fellow based in the Centre for Biodiversity & Conservation Science at the University of Queensland. Hawthorne's work outside of the realm of Academia includes developing free software to facilitate geospatial modelling and analysis ('Hawthstools' and the Geospatial Modelling Environment). At IIS AU, Hawthorne is a Director and the Chief Scientific Officer, leading all scientific research being conducted at the institute.

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