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Pedro Brancalion

Research Associate

Pedro is a professor of Tropical Forestry at São Paulo University (ESALQ/USP), where he leads the Tropical Forestry Lab (LASTROP), and the vice-coordinator of the Atlantic forest Restoration Pact. He has a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy and a PhD in Science from USP. His work focuses on developing knowledge and technology to manage and restore native tropical forests in an economically viable way and with social inclusion, considering the balanced coexistence of those forests with agriculture and cattle grazing in human-modified landscapes. He has projects in such fields in several regions and ecosystems in Brazil, always in partnership with companies and rural landowners. In general, he is looking to integrate research, practice and public policy as a tripod to sustain large scale ecological restoration to improve human well-being and biological conservation in human-modified landscapes, trying to make forest restoration an economically viable alternative for land use. He has published widely on applied ecology and restoration ecology, with >160 peer-reviewed papers (>5,300 citations, H-index 37), and 7 books, and has been active in the development of restoration policy in Brazil. He was awarded with the 2018 Bunge Awards – Ecological services for agriculture.

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