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IIS AU launches policy brief at UN Summit in New York

The 2019 UN Climate Action Summit was held at the Ney York City on 23 September 2019. The summit convened on the theme, “Climate Action Summit 2019: A Race We Can Win. A Race We Must Win.” The goal of the summit was to further climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent the mean global temperature from rising by more than 1.5 °C above preindustrial levels.

Conservation International conducted a side event to launch a policy brief and progress report that they developed with IIS Rio (leaded by Renato Crouzeilles) and the Center for International Forestry Research. These documents provide recommendations for unlocking the potential of natural forest regrowth as the most cost-effective way to restore forests in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

Natural climate solutions are a vital part of the fight against climate change. Assisted natural forest regrowth is the most cost-effective natura climate solution and should be the default approach for restoring forests at scale. Both products advocates that now it is possible to predict and identify, with high certainty, suitable areas for assisted natural forest regrowth. Thus, government action should implementing smart policies and financial incentives to unlocking the full benefits of assisted natural forest regrowth.

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