Capacity Exchange Sessions

These capacity exchange sessions, provided by the Institute for Capacity Exchange in Environmental Decisions (ICEED) and supported by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), aim to facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity building on important concepts related to spatial planning for restoration and the input and output data for WePlan-Forests. The WePlan-Forests platform comprises a user-friendly web-based interface that automates the technical and computing requirements of complex spatial analyses. It enables users without expertise in spatial modelling and optimization to explore a wide range of results and scenarios. The tool employs a state-of-the-art linear programming approach to optimize solutions that maximize restoration benefits for biodiversity and climate change while minimizing costs. Our primary objective is to assist developing countries in identifying restoration actions. Currently in its second version, WePlan-Forests offers quantitative, spatial, evidence-based planning support to developing countries that are parties to the CBD, to facilitate the achievement of forest restoration pledges and targets.

The capacity exchange sessions are structured into one module with eight key topics. The table below provides a detailed description of the content. These nine topics will be presented in short videos available below and on the ICEED YouTube channel.

Basics of Systematic Spatial Planning
Optimization framework
Potential for Natural Regeneration
Area Available for Restoration
Extinction risk
Climate Change Mitigation
Restoration Costs
Scenarios and trade-off curves

At any time, you can contact us with questions, using the contact details provided at the end of each presentation (

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