Capacity Exchange

ICEED develops knowledge and capacity exchange to improve environmental decision-making, with a focus on forest and landscape restoration (FLR). We strongly support and advocate for effective and informed stakeholder engagement

Our key objectives are:
> to foster collaboration for the development of research
> to facilitate capacity building through knowledge exchange activities with multiple stakeholders
> to evaluate Government policies and incentives to understand their implications for social and environmental change
> to identify opportunities for improvement in environmental decision-making processes
> to highlight the importance of science-based decisions

Our approach allows for the effective engagement of a broad range of stakeholders by:

> raising awareness for the value of systematic spatial planning for setting and implementing FLR
> identifying the needs for spatial planning at different scales
> promoting uptake of the fundamentals of systematic spatial planning and natural forest regeneration
> developing skills through capacity building and training
> ensuring stakeholders are able to understand and implement solutions

We are committed to ensuring impartiality, integrity and professionalism within our activities, as well as an equitable and respectful relationship between stakeholders

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